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 Quilt Sale BQE

Quilt Sale BQE

Quilt Sales Information Overview

BQE will be running a quilt sales booth at the 2019 show. We will sell quilts that are entered in the show (if desired by the maker), and also will accept on a consignment basis, quilts made by members of the six sponsor guilds.


1. Quilts must be made by a member (or members) of one of the six guilds which sponsor BQE. Member(s) must be in good standing at the time of the 2019 show.

2. Additionally, any quilt which has been accepted and hung in the show is eligible to be sold (regardless of guild membership).

3. Quilts must be 3 layers and quilted (front, batting, backing, layers secured by stitches).

4. Quilts must be complete, clean and free of odors and pins.
5. Quilts must be made by the consignor.
6. Quilts must be permanently labelled with maker(s) name(s). (Sign your work! We

also strongly advise adding a quilt name, date and place, but this is up to you.) Fees & Payments

  • ❖  Handling fee: $10 per quilt. (Fee does not apply to quilts which are hung in the show.)

  • ❖  Consignment fee: 15% of the selling price of the quilt (before sales tax).

  • ❖  Consignors will be paid by check within 15 days of show close.


  1. Minimum selling price is $75.

  2. Quilts must be bagged. Standard clear plastic bags will be made available to guilds

    in January.

  3. Quilts must have a sales tag attached with a closed safety pin, located next to the

    quilt label on the back of the quilt. Tags will be provided to guilds in January.

  4. Quilts requiring special handling will not be accepted. Quilts may be hung or

    folded on a rack for display, and may be handled (under supervision) by potential


  5. Makers are responsible for insuring their items, BQE will not be responsible.

Collection & Return

❖ Quilts for consignment will be accepted on Quilt Collection Day (February 7th).❖ Unsold quilts will be available for return on Quilt Return Day (March 11th).
❖ Guilds are encouraged to nominate a representative to collect all quilts for

return to their members.

Questions? Ask the SFMQG Representative Allison Schnackenberg or email

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