Holiday Ninepatch Tutorial

For our upcoming December meeting, we have asked everyone to bring in a "holiday" ninepatch block for a swap.  It can be any holiday, not just December-based ones!  I made two blocks the other day and wanted to share some ideas with you.

A few people in the last meeting mentioned the site 15 Minutes Play, and the concept of "making" fabric from scraps.  It is a great way to use up your scrap bin and add a modern, freeform element to your quilts! HERE is the basic tutorial.

I decided to use up a bunch of my red scraps and make a basic Valentine's Day ninepatch block!

Step one:  find lots of fabric scraps!

Step two:  sew scraps together to make larger pieces.

Step three:  slice and dice into smaller segments!

Step four:  sew into larger pieces.  You've just "made" fabric!

Step five:  cut the "made" fabric into 4.5 inch squares.  I got a bunch of squares out of the scraps (you only need five for the ninepatch block).

Step six:  add four 4.5 inch squares of other fabric (plain or patterned).

Done!  Measures 12.5 inches square.

You can use this technique for any type of patchwork block.  I had a few "made" fabric blocks left over, so I decided to make a July 4th themed block as well.  I just added some 4.5 inch Half-Square Triangles in blue and white:

Another block done!

You can make any type of ninepatch you like (it does not have to be a basic one).  Please feel free to send me an email of your completed blocks, and I can add them to the blog!

Like this concept of "making fabric" and want to try more?  Check out the 15 Minutes Play site and their block of the month tutorials!

~ Nicole Kaplan