June SFMQG Meeting Recap

One of Schelley's Favorite!

One of Schelley's Favorite!

Attendance-32 members signed-in.  

Guest-Lynne Gray from Deerfield Beach with Linda Gordon

Kate Yates acted as meeting facilitator in Susan's absence


  • BQE Updates
  • Treasurer Report

Charity Projects:

  • Ryans Case for Smiles
  • Community Service Project


  • Name Tag Raffle-Sharon Horm
  • BOM-Pam Chamberlain
  • Raffle Basket: Penny Stern

Mystery QAL :  

The story continues...Visit the blog for more information

Here is a sample of the QAL Month 2 "Tree" row.  

Here is a sample of the QAL Month 2 "Tree" row.  


July's BOM can be found here

Member's Spotlight:

Schelly's Journey from the Northwest to the Southeast-Wow, quilts quilts and more quilts.  

Traverse Bag Workshop Participants:


Special Topic-Barn Quilts by Nicole Kaplan:


Don't miss Nicole's Barn Quilt Painting Workshop on August 4th, 2018

Group Photo for BQE will be taken at the July meeting-7/21/18

Submitted by Derietra Neal-Ferguson, Secretary