July BOM

South Florida Modern Quilt Guild is all about scraps this month and in keeping with that idea, so is the Block of the Month. It’s also part improv, part modern traditional,  has low volume background and it’s BLUE! There’s an attempt on my part to keep the block choice somewhat seasonal so with summer still at hand, it’s a nod to the ocean as well.

This month is a wonky Churn Dash block in ocean blues.  There’s a great (already written and photographed!) tutorial found here.

The original tutorial creator was kind enough to send her bee mates the fabric to use. Sadly, you’re on your own. Just think ocean and water. Blues, teals, maybe a touch of green? Whatever says ocean to you. So - blues, teals and low volume background. Quarter inch seams as always.

pic 1.jpg

While I think the tutorial is great, here are a couple hints I thought might be helpful:

  • You'll need a larger piece of background. The instructions call for 18”x18” so consider that when looking through your scraps.
  • That suggestion of the writer to put a pin in the outside pieces? It’s a good one. Saves a lot of trouble, especially if you don’t have a design wall.
  • If you like the less wonky, straight seam sewing, have at it. If you'd like it a little more angular, it’s not difficult. Just don’t hesitate to lay a piece over another, sew it and trim it.
  • Don’t be concerned about edges hanging off your foundation piece. They’ll be trimmed.
  • There’s a lot of trimming involved to get the block to size. It finishes at 15 1/2” so that 18” you started with gives you a lot of grace.