Mystery Quilt Along (QAL) Clue #3


June 2018 – Month 3

Sarah wandered into the living room. She saw the worn sofa where her grandmother would sit when she watched her "stories" every afternoon. On the back of the sofa was an afghan her grandmother had crocheted out of the scratchiest yarn in garish colors. As her eyesight got worse, her grandmother picked colors like mustard yellow and Creamsicle orange to use. Sarah saw the dish filled with hard candies and the Sudoku and crossword puzzle books printed on thin newsprint that her grandmother picked up each week at the grocery store.

Sarah walked toward the back of the house where the bedrooms were. She peeked into her grandmother's bedroom. The bed was bare, stripped of all the linens. Next to the bed was the nightstand which had also been cleared of its contents. There was no more jar of Vapo-rub, no more used tissues and no Dixie cup of water from the bathroom. The room was devoid of character except for her grandmother's monthly devotional. Sarah thumbed through the booklet and a small picture fell out. Sarah recognized the picture of her and her twin brother Daniel dressed in matching sailor outfits that her grandmother had for them on their sixth birthday.

Sarah crossed the hall and entered the second bedroom that her grandmother used for sewing. The room was still and quiet. Back when Sarah would visit, she would sit on the floor while her grandmother sewed, counting all the buttons in the button tin and lining up the spools of thread. Sarah opened the cedar chest at the edge of the daybed and found the quilt. . . .

Clue #3 – June 2018 – Quilt block. This row will be a modern recreation of the quilt that Sarah found. You may use whatever traditional quilt block you want, but you must make it modern! For instance, if she found a nine patch quilt, you must make it modern or deconstructed (see examples)

Nine Patch Block with modern fabrics) (loads of links to wonky and "liberated" quilt blocks including many from our guild-mate Tonya Ricucci!)

If you are looking for a specific quilt block enter "modern ______________"  or "wonky _______" and look at images for ideas. (enter quilt block name in the blank).