Make Do Challenge Update

Hello Make-Doers!

It's time to sign up! We've seen lots of interesting creative amazing designs popping up on Facebook and now we want to get organized.

Please register on the SFMQG Make Do Challenge Finale Event

You'll need the following to sign up: 

  1. Name of your Quilt. 
  2. Creator
  3. Approximately size of the quilt
  4. NOTE  - your quilt does NOT need to be finished to sign up. Quilts will be shown and collected at the June meeting, 

You will also need the following after you sign up (you'll get an email from Charlotte asking for this) 

  1. Item(s) used to Make Do (i.e. Used Jeans, old linens, evening gowns, neckties.
  2. Your "story"  - this will go on a card displayed next to your quilt. This should explain how you used your "make do" object (i.e. I found an old shirt in my laundry basket and used it to make Wonky Log Cabin squares) 

In addition, bring your finished Make Do quilts to the June meeting. Each quilt should have a label on the back with the name of the quilt, and the maker's name and phone number. Don't forget to sew a 4 inch hanging sleeve on the top of your item so it can be hung. Quilts will be displayed during the FAT Village ArtWalk at the end of July. 

Any questions? Please contact Patti


Quilt in the picture made by Sherri Lynn Wodd, picture found here