Mystery Quilt Along Clue #2 May

The Snarky Quilter "A Hazy Shade of Winter" See link below.

The Snarky Quilter "A Hazy Shade of Winter" See link below.

May 2018 – Mystery QAL:

The story continues.....As Sarah grew closer to the door, she felt a mixture of fear and excitement in her stomach. She dug through her purse, looking for the key her father had given her, which had hung by the door of her family home for years. The key ring was attached to a plastic key fob from the bank her father had worked at. The knob turned and then as Sarah pushed, the door slowly creaked open.  She was immediately hit with the smells of her grandmother's house – a stale odor of newspaper mixed with the faintest hint of cinnamon. Sarah closed her eyes and was transported back to when she was eight and she was baking snickerdoodles with her grandmother. "Now roll the cookies in the sugar mixture, lovie" said her grandmother. "And then we place them on the sheet and then VOILA!! Cookies!"  Sarah smiled to herself as she remembered how her grandmother would wave a dishtowel as if she was recreating a magic trick.

Suddenly, Sarah heard a scraping sound that startled her and brought her back to reality. As she looked outside, she saw the wind had picked up and the trees were scraping against the window.

Clue #2 – May 2018

Tree block. Using one of the tutorials as a starting point, make a tree block (or several tree blocks. Remember that it's cold outside – your tree may be bare or have some leaves. There may be leaves on the ground. There may be several trees or just one. Alternatively, you could make a stylized tree or trees. How about a bird in your tree? Visit the sites below.

The Lovely Woods (Scroll to the top of the page)

Submitted by Patti Auten