December BOM

December 2018 Block of the Month

There have been several requests for a paper piecing block and some of you have said you’d like to at least try it. Since the block will be due in January, it seems like a good time for an opportunity to learn something new if you’re not a paper piecer yet. Perhaps a good time for resolutions as well? Let’s put it all together and use this block!

Use a low volume scrappy background. And for your drink can? Use a gray/silver of some sort for the pop top and bottom. Once you’ve finished making the can, add a 3 inch piece on both sides of the can (1/4” seams) to make the block 10 1/2” x 10 1/2” (10” finished). Be sure to remove the paper when you’re done - pulling that stuff off is the worst part of paper piecing!

Otherwise, anything goes! I’m going to try to ride my bike more often in 2019. Maybe eat more veggies. And finish up some WIPs. Whatever you like works! Make as many cans/resolutions as you wish.

This pattern can be found at Sewhooked by Jennifer Ofenstein.

If you’re new to paper piecing, these are excellent tutorials:



Submitted by Linda