SFMQG 2016 Negative Space Quilt Challenge

As announced last August, we have a fun challenge for our members this year. We are very pleased to announce that the wonderful folks at Stitchcraft will be sponsoring our First Place prize!  And we are also super excited to be invited to do a special exhibition at IS Projects as part of the Fat Village Art Walk in Fort Lauderdale this July!

Challenge Theme: Modern Negative Space

  • Use modern fabrics – solids and/or prints
  • Size: No smaller than 35 inches on any side and no larger than a total of 480 inches on the perimeter (all sides added together).
  • Due at July 16th at the general meeting.


Challenge Awards :

Voted on by members at the July SFMQG Meeting

  • 1st Place    $100 StitchCraft Gift Certificate - Sponsored by StitchCraft
  • 2nd Place    $75 StitchCraft Gift Certificate
  • 3rd Place    $50 StitchCraft Gift Certificate

Challenge Event Schedule :

This challenge is open to SFMQG members only. 
To participate, you must register. Please fill in the form on our Event Listing.

Some inspirational reading:

~ Charlotte Noll - VP of Programs