Mystery Quilt Clue # 1 April

Visit the Cuddle Quilter for More House Images

Visit the Cuddle Quilter for More House Images

The Story Begins. . . . .

Sarah clutched her purse closer to her chest as she walked off the bus. It had been years since she had traveled to her grandmother's house. Now she had the job of looking for some clue about the secret her grandmother had alluded to before her passing.  The wind blew harder and Sarah was chilled to the bone as she hurried along, her worn sweater clinging to her thin frame. Her brown hair covered her face as she rushed along the sidewalk. As she turned the corner, she saw her grandmother's house. ……

Clue #1 – April 2018 – House block. Make a house block (or several house blocks) depicting the house Sarah saw. You could make a traditional house block, a wonky house block, or several house blocks in order to form a neighborhood. How about a two story block or an apartment block? You could also use the pieces of a traditional house block in order to create an improv/ modern house block.

Wonky Houses, Stars,and Gifts