A new Facebook group for members to connect on

One of the things that the new board has been working on is finding ways for our members to connect and stay in touch in between meetings.  

We have recently started a members-only group on Facebook. If you are not familiar with Facebook Groups, they are a great way to form an online community with shared interests. Everyone who joins a Group can post photos, links, and comments. It's a wonderful way to share the projects you are working on, or to ask for advice if you are stuck on something. Groups are also just a great way to chat about modern quilty goodness in all its forms.

If you have not already joined, hop on over to the South Florida Modern Quilters group now and ask to join!

SFMQ Facebook Group

SFMQ Facebook Group

If you are not an SFMQ member, please go to our Join The Guild page for more information.

We will continue to maintain our Facebook Page as well.  Pages are the public space for brands or organizations on Facebook, and they are great for reaching out to the wider community and attracting new members.  

For our members to talk among themselves, the new Group is really where we can have fun and let down our quilty hair.  Posts are visible only to our members!

We hope to see you all on Facebook in between meetings.

Happy stitching!