Improv Round Robin QAL : Block Two

My sample for Block Two

Hooray to all of you who brought in your boxes for this QAL journey and also for those who posted your Block One on our Instagram or Facebook pages!

A couple of quick answers before we start

Q:    I'm new and want to participate. What do I need to do?

A:    Check out the QAL posts on our blog page to catch up with choosing your fabrics and the tutorials for the first two blocks. Then bring your box to the next meeting and we'll get you on the swapping .

Q:    I don't know whether I can commit to bringing the box back every month.

A:    If you don't want to swap, please feel free to follow the blog posts every month and make your own blocks! You're welcome to post them on Facebook and Instagram also.

Q:    I can't make next month's meeting and bring the box back! What can I do?

A:     Don't stress – contact another member to swap the box out for you– or contact Patti Auten on Facebook and we'll work something out. Just don't hide the box under all your dirty laundry for three months and forget to participate!

Q:     This improv stuff is hard/weird/out-of-my-comfort zone.

A:    That's okay! You're all learning some new techniques and processes – it's natural to feel a little off at first (or not). Soon you will be cutting and slashing and improving like a champ!

Again, if any questions or problems, please contact Patti Auten! And away we go!!!

Month Two! We're tickled you're going on this journey with us!

You should have received a shoebox filled with fabric from another participant along with their first improv square.

READY. . . . SET. .. STRIP!!!

Month Two is all about the skinny- we're going to be experimenting with strips.  

  1. Using the fabrics in your box along with some of your signature fabric, you're going to cut a whole mess of strips at least 12 inches long, then some shorter strips (maybe 6 inches long).  They can be of any width - the easiest to work with would be 1 to 2 1/2 inches wide. P.S. Strips can be wonky, i.e. start at 1 inch on one side and increase to 2 inches by the other side.
  2. Put all your strips in a paper or plastic bag and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE.
  3. Starting with your longer strips, you're going to grab two strips out of the bag and sew them together (again, use your 1/4 inch seams to make life easier). Grab another strip and sew to one side. Keep adding strips (no cheating no planning, go with the flow) until you get a piece of fabric (called a strata). Do the same with your shorter strips. Remember to press your pieces. (press seams to one side)
  4. Now you should have two pieces of strata or "made fabric". Out of these two pieces, you are going to make a 12.5 to 15.0 inch block. (can be square or rectangle)  You can add additional strips to increase the size, you can cut your longer strips down and turn them sideways, or you can add the strip scraps to increase the size of your block.  Don't forget to save those scraps  of strips and add them to your block When your block reaches the desired size, press and square up those sides and take a break, baby, you're done!!
  5. After your finish your block, you will put all the scraps back in (keep your signature  fabric out) along with the two finished blocks on the top. Write your name on the designated spot on the form on top of the box and it's ready to go to its new destination.
  6. Can't wait to see your creations at the next meeting!! Or feel free to post on our Facebook or instagram!
~~ Patricia Auten, VP of Projects