Workshops: Fabric Block Printing with IS Projects

Last Saturday we were delighted to have guest speaker Ingrid Schindall from IS Projects visit us and give a demonstration of block printing on fabric.  The technique involves transferring a design to a linoleum block and making a relief carving, which is then inked and applied to fabric.

And now we are even more delighted to announce that SFMQG will be hosting two workshops for fabric block printing at IS Projects in Fort Lauderdale in July. I guarantee that simply visiting the printing studio will inspire you and fill you with creative ideas.

A peek inside the wonderful world of IS Projects.

Ingrid shows the fabric she printed at our demo.

We are offering two workshops - one on Saturday July 9th and one Sunday July 10th. Each of the workshops will be limited to 8 students, to allow for maximum printing time for everyone, and plenty of special attention from Ingrid.

The traditional method of block printing textiles is finding new life in contemporary art and design, giving fabrics a tactile, handmade look. Students will learn about creating motifs and repeat patterns, and will carve their own designs onto linoleum blocks. In-studio printing using printing presses and professional equipment and techniques will be taught, as well as DIY at-home methods. Students will get to test their images on fabric in class.

Don't think for a minute that you need to be Michelangelo or Carolyn Friedlander to make your own fabric! It's easy to find pattern images online for inspiration. Bring photocopies to trace onto your linoleum blocks. Your hand-carving will make the design unique to you. We have set up a special Pinterest board that you can browse for inspiration and ideas.

Once you have learned this technique, you can easily continue to explore the possibilities at home, as the materials required are inexpensive and readily available. You can also return to IS Projects and book time to work in their space and take advantage of their professional equipment.

Please see the full information on our Events page for both the Saturday and Sunday sessions. Both workshops are available to book for members only until May 31st. On June 1st we will open any available spaces up to the public.  As there are only a total of 16 spots available, we suggest you don't delay if you are interested.

This is another exciting way to make your quilts unique, and we look forward to seeing what our creative members produce in these two workshops!

~~ Allison Schnackenberg, President