Modern Mini Madness

Member Mini's for September Show & Tell

This explains our SFMQG BQE MINI Auction Fundraiser.

BQE Mini Guidelines

Size: Maximum size is 96” perimeter total. No minimum size.

Techniques: May be pieced, appliquéd, or a combination. May be embellished with beads, threads, buttons, etc. May be hand or machine quilted, but not tied.

Acceptable: Whole cloth designs, crazy patch miniatures, landscapes, and pictorials, but no single quilt block quilts (for example, no potholders).

Can also be entered in the Quilt Contest.

Popular Styles that Might Raise the Most Money

Award winners - if you decide to enter your mini in the Contest and it wins a ribbon it will be very popular at the auction.

Sewing themes - sewing machines, thread, scissors, etc.

Florida themes - palm trees, beach scenes, tropical birds/animals.

Rainbow colors, hearts, words.

Traditional blocks in modern fabrics - white or gray backgrounds.

Improv - in the style of Sherri Lynn Wood because of the lecture/workshops.

A mini of a large quilt you entered in the show.

CATS and DOGS :-)

What to do next

Check out mini’s on SFMQG Modern Minis Pinterest board 

Or find your own pattern

Or design your own mini - there is inspiration everywhere!

Work on your mini and make sure you post your progress to Facebook.

Attend Dec 10th 2016 Sew Day. Work on your mini if you wish. Charlotte demoing finishing techniques - blocking, binding, hanging, labels.

Turn in your mini to Charlotte before or at January 2017 meeting when there will be an exhibit and prizes. Details to be announced.

Attend BQE Mini Auction - 3pm Saturday March 11th at the end of the show.