Improv Round Robin Workshop Recap

We had a great Improv Round Robin workshop in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, led by Tonya Riccuci.

Quilters showing off their improv starter blocks

Tonya started out by giving us some ideas for preparing and starting our improv pieced quilts. After Tonya helped us make our improv-pieced start blocks, we passed our baskets of fabric and blocks to another quilter. We took 20 minute turns, which was just enough time to whip up another improv block to go with the original. The time went by very quickly!

A few groups of finished blocks - these will make some amazing quilts!

After passing around the baskets several times, everyone had the opportunity to work on 9 different quilts, and ended up with 9 blocks of their own. We then had time to try different layouts, and think of ways to finish the quilt tops. Tonya had some great tips on how to fit the blocks together, and finish the quilt top!

The group talked about layout ideas for everyone's finished blocks.

We had a lot of fun on Saturday, and everyone went home with some amazing blocks, which will turn into some very beautiful quilts. We hope everyone had a great time, and enjoyed trying something new! Thank you to all of the quilters who joined us, and our wonderful teacher, Tonya!

We hope you'll consider joining us for our next workshop in October, please keep an eye out for details, coming soon!