Improv Quilt Along: Month Seven

Welcome to Month Seven! We're tickled you're going on this journey with us!

You should have received a shoebox filled with fabric from another participant along with EIGHT improv blocks.

Month Seven. . .  STICK IT. . . STICK IT GOOD. . . .

You've been working so hard! This month we're going to experiment with adding sticks to blocks.

  1. Choose a piece of fabric approximately 16 inches square. Choose several other longer strips of fabric (don't forget to include your signature fabric.
  2. You're going to make one diagonal slice on your background fabric. Sew the first strip fabric to both sides of the fabric so you have a "stick" in your fabric.
  3. You will add at least one to two more "sticks" to your block – make sure you press well and square up your block when you're done.
  4. Add your block to the pile in the box and don't forget to sign your name on top of the box.

Hey. …pssstttt….. there is a cool tutorial for the "pick up sticks" block by Berene Campbell of Happy Sew Lucky.  (Her sizes are 9.5 inches so remember the size of YOUR block will be 16 inches to start – it will shrink down as you sew) Make sure you scroll down to see the tips for how to line up the angles

~ Patti Auten, VP of Projects