October Block of the Month

This month we are going batty.  I have always loved Elizabeth Hartman’s barn bat mini quilt.   But all those little pieces are just too much for a block of the month. Here is the barn bat block we will be making.

Shelly's bat blocks.

Shelly's bat blocks.

The barn bat block is in the public domain, so I drafted a paper pieced pattern for us to use. This one has a very few pieces and sews up quickly.  

Download block pattern.

Cutting out fabric pieces using template sections.

A few hints.

  • There are a lot of 60 degree seams.  I get confused trying to cut up my paper pieces with odd seam lines. I use a method that uses little fabric and seems to work perfectly every time.  I cut out each little pattern piece, pin it to my fabric and cut a rough ½ inch fabric border around each.  You will pin to the front or the back of the fabric depending upon what style of paper piecing you use. I like the larger seam allowance. This gives me some fudge if I do not align the seams properly.  After sewing each seam I fold the fabric over and cut a 1/4 inch seam. 
  • Remember to print pattern to size.
  • Print 2 copies one to sew on and one to cut up.  There are four columns of paper piecing that are sewn together in the end.
  • Remember to leave your paper in so the recipient can sew the blocks together and then pull out the paper to prevent block skewing.
  • Block should finish at 6 ½ inches

fabric colorway

We will use the same color scheme as Elizabeth Hartman.  Kona colors are as follows:

  • Orange   K001—450 Torch
  • Red Orange K001-323 Flame
  • Gold K001-476 Grellow
  • Grey K001-1007 Ash
  • Dark Grey K001-1080 Coal
  • Black

Black and White Print or White and Black Print

Don’t stop at just one bat block.  The more you make the better your chances are of being The Batty Block Winner!!!


~ Shelly Recicar and Beth Schnell - Block of the Month Activity Council