Amish Made Modern with Debbie Krajkowski

Amish Made Modern Challenge

 By Debbie Krajkowski

Are you ready for a challenge? This one will be fun! It’s due October 19, please bring to our general meeting.

Here are the rules:

·      Look at some images of Amish quilts.  Be certain it is an antique Amish quilt, some of the newer quilts were made for the tourist trade and don’t reflect the Amish aesthetic.

·      Pick an Amish quilt that excites you. Print out that picture.

·      Make a modern quilt inspired by that quilt – think about the color, pattern and/or quilting.

·      Finish your quilt and bring it to the October meeting with the inspiration pic.


Amish quilts already have kind of a modern vibe. Need ideas on how to make it more modern? Let’s review some of the characteristics of modern quilts as put out by the Modern Quilt Guild.

·      Inspired by modern art or architecture

·      Bold colors, high contrast and use of solids

·      Improvisational piecing

·      Simple minimalist design using geometric shapes

·      Expansive use of negative space

·      Asymmetrical

·      Reinterpreted traditional blocks, less emphasis on block repetition

Here are some links to some great Amish quilts:

There are also some great books. I love all the quilts in this one!

There is no shortage of inspiration. You can do it!  It will be fun; you know it will! I can’t wait to see what everyone creates!

Your fearless challenge leader,
Debbie Krajkowski