March BOM: Modern Maples

Demo block by Ivy

Demo block by Ivy

Here are the general rules for our 2017 Block of the Month Program:


  • Members in good standing and guests are invited to participate in the monthly block lottery.
  • Make one or more blocks in the design of the month, using the colors specified in the tutorials. Details will be published on the blog each month.
  • Blocks should be turned in before the meeting begins. Participants will be given one ticket for each correctly completed block.
  • One winner will be drawn at random, and will be awarded all of the blocks!
  • Each month’s winner also gets a BOM winner button.
  • Any winner who completes a quilt from 2017 BOM blocks—and brings it for show & tell before the end of the year—will win a fabric bundle!
  • Members should note how many BOM blocks they are entering in the draw, when they sign in at the beginning of the meeting. Why? Because the member who makes the most BOM blocks in 2017 will win a big prize!!


Demo block by Allison

This month we are going to be making a precisely pieced block—the Modern Maple.  It is constructed of squares and HSTs—it is simple to make! It finishes at 12 inches.

For this block you will need

  • Fat quarter of a single red print or solid for the leaf
  • Fat quarter of a single low-volume (not no-volume) print for the background

March color palette: red print, low-volume print

Color Palette

  • Leaf: Modern, saturated red print.
  • Background: Low-volume print (not no-volume!)

Piecing and Cutting Instructions

Please follow this tutorial, written by Nicole Daksiewicz at Modern Handcraft; however, remember to stick with RED for the color palette. This block is constructed by piecing HSTs and squares together, plus one fun stem. When you’re done, press from the front but do not trim to 12.5 inches (12 inches finished). Let’s leave that for the winner! Clip any stray threads and you’re done!


  • It is important to select modern prints to achieve a modern result with this otherwise traditional block. Choose a low-volume black or grey & white background fabric, and a saturated red print for the leaf.
  • Starch your fabric before cutting it up for your HSTs; the method Nicole uses has bias edges—very stretchy—but you will be fine if you prep your fabric with starch or sizing!

~ Allison Schnackenberg and Ivy Bagnall, BOM Council