2018 Rainbow Mini Quilt Challenge

For our first challenge of 2018, we will create rainbow mini quilts to brighten up our life and wow the visitors to Patch Reef Park.  The South Florida Modern Quilt Guild has the honor of placing quilts in the display space at Patch Reef Park Community Center for the month of May 2018.  For this we would love to have a bunch of colorful and modern mini quilts to install.

KICK OFF: February 2018 meeting

THEME: Rainbows!  Make a MINI quilt with the rainbow theme. Pinterest Inspiration Board.

DIRECTIONS: Use rainbows as an inspiration, as a theme and as a color palette to create a modern mini quilt.

FABRIC AND PALETTE: Your fabric should be solids or modern patterns.  The color palette for this challenge is rainbow so buy some new fabric, dig into your stash or use one of those cute rainbow colored precuts that you have been hoarding and have fun.

QUILT SIZE:  20 inches by 20 inches. We want to have a unified look in the display case and have lots of different quilts to show.

QUILTING: Use a modern approach to quilting. However, it does not have to be straight line quilting—there are many other options available. Use either machine or hand quilting.

FINISHING: Include label with title, name, phone# and standard sleeve.

DUE DATE: April 2018 Meeting. Bring your completed mini in a pillowcase with your name on front for Show and Tell. We will hold on to it for setup in the Patch Reef Park display area.