Improv Round Robin Quilt Along Month Eight

Welcome to Month Eight ! We're tickled you're going on this journey with us!

You should have received a shoebox filled with fabric from another participant along with a whole mess of improv blocks.

Month Eight – Just When You Thought It was Safe to Put your Rotary Cutter Away. . .

We're nearing the end of our journey ** sad face with single tear in eye** It's been exciting and challenging. But Fall is in the air (well, we can pretend) and it's pumpkin spice everything and all good things must come to an end soon.

For this month's block we are adapting an oldie but goodie. The Disappearing Nine Patch – with a twist.

  1. Using the fabrics in your box and adding some focus fabric, you're going to sew a Disappearing Nine Patch block (easy tutorial to follow). Yes, you're going to sew a basic quilt block.
  2. You will use nine 5 inch blocks of fabric (don't forget to add your focus fabric)
  3. Use this tutorial from Missouri Quilt to construct your Disappearing Nine Patch block! 
  4. However once your block is completed, you're going to "deconstruct" you block by cutting it into quarters diagonally. You will line up two parts of the block as shown in the picture below – so you will have TWO smaller blocks. Sew them together.

Make sure to return your box to the next meeting and receive YOUR box with all your awesome squares!  

DON'T FORGET!! We are having a QAL "Finishing Party" workshop on 11/12/2016. It's a chance to finish your QAL top in anticipation of submitting it for the Mancuso exhibition in 2017. All the info is on the blog.

~ Patti Auten - VP of Projects