Covered Notebook Swap

We're having a covered notebook swap at the September 16, 2017 meeting!

I love notebooks! I am a list-maker and I love playing around with fountain pens, but I think everyone could use a notebook. They're great for designing and documenting projects, for storing fabric swatches, journaling, as gifts, etc.

Rachel at Stitched in Color has a wonderful and clear tutorial for making a patchwork notebook cover - find it here or by clicking on the photo below. Use this or any method you would like to make a cover for a standard Composition Notebook (8.5" wide by 9.75" tall) for our swap. These covers fit a standard size notebook and they are removable for cleaning or changing out notebooks.

Design and embellish the cover however you'd like - add an elastic closure or ribbon bookmark, big stitch or embroider it, add a pocket to hold a pen or business cards, etc. This is a great project to use up any test blocks or some scraps. I turned what I made at a Maria Shell workshop into a notebook cover. I lined my books with some old muslin I had so the black notebook cover wouldn't show through my fabric, plus a lining will help protect any seams in your cover. 

Bring your covered notebook to swap at the September 16, 2017 meeting. The swap will be done anonymously so you don't know who will get your book or whose book you will receive. 

We gave out notebooks at the July meeting, but if you didn't get one or missed the meeting, we will have more at the August meeting. Leave a comment below or in our Facebook group if you still need a notebook so I make sure to have enough for everyone. I can't wait to see everyone's covers!


~Kerrilyn & Debby