Improv Quilt Along: Month Three

Welcome to Month Three! We're tickled you're going on this journey with us!

You should have received a shoebox filled with fabric from another participant along with two improv blocks.

Now it's getting interesting . . . make sure you pull out the finished blocks and take a look. It will inspire you with color and fabric choices as we continue our block journey.

Month Three – CUT … IT. … OUT. . . .

1. For this month's block, you're going to create an improv block using the techniques you've learned over the past two tutorials. You can use squares, rectangles and strips to create a 12.5 to 15.0 square block (don't forget to use your signature fabric). . . but then there's a twist. . .

2. Now that you have a lovely 12.5 to 15.0 inch SQUARE block, will select a piece of fabric which is the same size as your improv square. Put the two squares together with both right sides facing up on your cutting board and then you're going to make TWO cuts with your rotary cutter, dividing your block into quarters in a wonky manner.

3. Now you can rearrange the pieces to use two plain pieces and two improv pieces to make two different blocks. Sew them together and you will have TWO blocks. Press and square up and place in the box. Don't forget to put your name on the form on the top of the box for reference. (and don't forget to keep your signature fabric).

Patricia Auten - VP of Projects