Improv Round Robin Quilt Along Month Nine

Welcome to Month Nine ! We're tickled you're going on this journey with us!

You should have received your shoebox filled with what's left of your fabric along with a big pile of lovely blocks made by participants. You should also have a list on top of your box so you can see which of our wonderful quilters made each block. It's like getting your autograph book back!

BLOCK NINE:  A Stitch in Nine Saves Time

Okay quilty QAL-ers. Here's your chance to spread your wings and make your OWN block for your OWN quilt!. Don't forget to add your focus fabric.

  1. Make a strip set – cut strips of various widths, at least 16-18 inches long (they can be pieced to make longer strips if need be). I used widths of 1 inch to 2 1/4 inches. Sew them together in an interesting varied manner and press. You should have a 16-18 inch square.
  2. Take a 16-18 inch strip which is at least 2 inches wide. You will lay this strip on top of your strip set perpendicularly and cut a gentle curve through both pieces. Sew the gentle curve with right sides together and press (you may need to make some small snips on the wrong side to ease the curve. Lay the uncurved side on top of your pieced fabric and cut another gentle curve and sew. You will then have your crossways fabric inserted in your strip set.
  3. Repeat the instructions from #2 again using another part of your strip set. Don't forget to lay both your fabrics right side up in order to get the curve correct and gently press (making sure not to tug on things too hard – you will have a bias edge so the more you pull, the more the fabrics will distort).
  4. Once you place your two inserts, you can square up your block and you're done!

DON'T FORGET!! We are having a QAL "Finishing Party" workshop on 11/12/2016. It's a chance to finish your QAL top in anticipation of submitting it for the Mancuso exhibition in 2017. All the info is on the blog.


~ Patti Auten, VP of Projects