Make Do Challenge Update

Make Do Challenge

***taps microphone *** Is this thing still on??


Hello Quilty Friends!

Now that we're safely past the New Year and Quiltcon is a happy memory (and BQE is speeding right up on us), it's time to move full steam ahead on the Making Do Challenge! Our deadline is the June meeting and we have some awesome news to announce at the next meeting about our Making Do submissions. Don't miss it! In addition, there will be some special "making do" posts on our SFMQG Members Only Facebook page. Make sure you read them because there's going to be a super special quiz at the next meeting!! 

In case your memory is on quilty overload, here's the link to our original Blog Post with all the information on how to participate in the Making Do Challenge. 

So start digging through your orphan blocks, discarded clothing, inspired linens and other assorted discards for the catalyst for your Making Do Challenge!  See you at the next meeting with all the skinny!!


Picture in the thumbnail is: f i e l d, 76” x 85”, denim, wool, cotton scavenged the first day of the residency, comforter, hand quilted with embroidery floss, by Sherri Lynn Wood

s a f e t y n e t w o r k, 91” x 81”, Recology safety vests and uniforms, wool batting

by Sherri Lynn wood