Meet your 2018 SFMQG Executive Council

As we approach the end of the year, I'd like to take some time to introduce your 2018 South Florida Modern Quilt Guild board. The following individuals volunteered and were unanimously elected at the November General Meeting. A huge thanks to all of the below. The continued growth and success of the SFMQG depends on individuals like these!

Below is a short bio for each of the new board members along with a picture. These will be posted  in the "About" section of the website after the first of the year. Thank you ladies for your dedication to the future success of our guild! 

~Claire, Secretary

Your 2018 Executive Council, minus Andrea! (we missed you Andrea!)

Your 2018 Executive Council, minus Andrea! (we missed you Andrea!)



I learned to sew my Barbie new clothes by hand when I was 8. That led to years of making my own clothes on a Singer Touch & Sew sewing machine.  In 1985 I married my college sweetheart & thus home décor became my passion. I started a small window treatment business, “Window Décor by Susan”. From there in 1987 I discovered quilting, making many Quilt in A Day log cabin baby quilts while awaiting the birth of our first child. I was hooked on quilting & in 2002 I opened a small quilt shop, The Village Quilter in Mt. Holly NJ. I enjoyed a fabulous 13 years growing the business & learning so much about the art of quilting. In March of 2016 I sold the business & now reside in Miami Beach with my husband & 2 dogs Mia & Bella.

I am so honored to be part of SFMQG – such a vibrant & talented group of women!


VP of Projects

I was born and raised in Italy where I started "playing" with needles and threads at a very young age. Since quilting is not a tradition in Italy, it was embroidering and knitting under the supervision of my very talented grandmother. I moved to Miami Beach 20 years ago and started quilting 10 years ago. I consider myself a "OK" quilter as there is still so much I have to learn. Joining SFMQG helped me a lot in my learning process both with classes and talking to other more experienced quilters.



Chris got her start sewing at a very young age, learning from her mother. Along with her sisters, she made many of her own clothes. Chris joined 4-H at the age of 10 and began entering her projects in the county fairs and even advanced to the Iowa State Fair a couple of times. While spending time with her Grandmother, she began to learn to make quilts and made a small doll quilt for her little sister. Her Grandmother would later incorporate that doll quilt into a much larger quilt. After high school, life took over and sewing was put on the back burner until a few years ago. With more time, Chris took a few classes and watched a lot of tutorials to bush up on her skills. Still figuring out what kind of a quilter she is, she became a member of this guild a year ago, and has learned so much from all the talented women in this group. She thanks you all for that and enjoys belonging to such a great group


VP of Events

Kate started quilting just 4 years ago. She comes from a family of quilters and sewists, and was inspired at a young age by her grandmother's quilts (and teeny, tiny stitches!). Kate is drawn to more modern designs, and loves improvisational designs and quilting. Her favorite part of quilting is design and working with her hands - she loves handwork, including hand-quilting and needle-turn applique. She found SFMQG just a couple of months after she started quilting, and has enjoyed being involved with this group, and getting to know so many like-minded quilters. When she isn't quilting, Kate is either teaching, coaching, or working on DIY projects around the house. 



Dee’s first experience with sewing occurred in her high school home economics class.  The sewing project was an apron with ruffles and once completed, the apron was placed in a drawer, never to be worn.  Years later she tackled a maternity dress (worn once on her trip to hospital to deliver the baby), and several Halloween costumes for her school age children.  The end product for all of these projects was marginal at best, but she enjoyed the process and found sewing relaxing.

As an adult, Dee made numerous trips to the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and recalls admiring Amish quilts.  In particular she was drawn to the intricate patterns of traditional quilting and wondered how these beautiful quilts were constructed.  One of her sister-in-laws quilted, but she lived several hours’ drive from Pittsburgh, and making time to learn how to quilt was low on Dee’s priority list.   However, in 2001, Dee inherited a Sunbonnet Sue quilt that her great-grandmother had made, estimated to be over 75 years old.   The quilt applique was badly frayed so she called on her sister-in-law and offered to pay for the repairs.  Her sister-in-law agreed to help, but insisted that Dee do the actual work.  Hence Dee’s introduction to applique and later to quilting.

 Not coming from a sewing background, fabric selection, measuring, cutting and piecing technique, for quilting, was very challenging.   However, there has been continual improvement with practice.  Dee joined the SFMQG after learning about the guild from 2 members whom she met at the 1st Mancuso Quilt Show held in Orlando. Since then, she has remained an active SFMQG member and has enjoyed participating in guild activities and attending workshops.  Dee credits her involvement with the guild with her growth as a quilter.  She looks forward to serving as the SFMQG Secretary. 

 Dee is married and she and her husband have adult children.  The couple has 7 grandchildren and 1 great-grand child (another great grand is on the way).  After 37 years in nursing, Dee is looking forward to retiring in the next year or so.   After retirement, she plans to focus on quilting and traveling.     


VP of Education

Andrea starting quilting ten years ago when she went away to college and visited a family friend who's house was covered in quilts. She is drawn to modern geometric prints and prefers improv style piecing and free motion quilting. Andrea enjoys learning new techniques and gleaning tips from more experienced quilters. Within SFMQG, Andrea participates on the Historian Council and is a Mentor for new members in the guild. She's been married to her high school sweetheart for six years, has three adorable sons.