2018 Charity Quilt Block: French Braid

                    French Braid Charity Quilt Block 2018       

Cut your fabric strips 2.5 inches by 10 inches (about 34 strips). Sew the end of one scrap to the end of another, right sides together, and using a 1/4" seam...


Next, line up another strip even with the left end, and stitch this on. Continue to build in this manner, adding another strip...


another and another, until the strip is as long as you want your block to be. Use fabric from your stash or think of this as great way to use up your jelly roll or layer cake scraps. Make your block with random colored strips or a fancy coordinated design.


Now use your rotary cutter, mat and ruler to cut off the sides and ends of your strips, the charity block size will be 12.5 inches by 41 inches.


The final plan for the lap size quilt will be to put three blocks together with a solid color sashing.


 Craftsy has a nice tutorial for this French Braid Quilt Block.


Thank you for participating!  If you have other lap sized quilts you wish to donate to the nursing home, please feel free to bring them to the meeting. We will gladly accept fabric, batting or finished lap sized quilts in any pattern for donation.

Need help or have questions?  Call Wanda 516-592-7575 or Susan 561-715-7395