"Things to Bring" for January Meeting

For the January meeting, here are your "Things to Bring!"

As a follow-up to our great mug rug tutorial from the December meeting, we are having a mug rug swap!  Please bring in one (or more) completed mug rugs that you would like to swap with other members.  Mug rugs can be any size, but 6 inches by 9 inches is usually a good standard.

For those who are asking "What the heck is a mug rug?," check out this link:  http://www.twomoreseconds.com/2011/03/mug-rug-madness-what-of-mug-rugs.html

For those who need mug rug inspiration, check out these great links:


Size:  Please bring in at least one "strip" of fabric that is 44/45 inches wide (the width of typical quilting fabric from selvage edge to selvage edge).  It can be any height, but should probably be at least 2.5 inches tall.

Pattern:  You can piece the strip with interesting patterns (such as flying geese, stripes, log cabins, etc).  Alternatively, you can just bring plain strips (or bring in excess Jelly Roll strips).

Color:  If you piece your strips, please include at least a bit of white in the strip.  If you bring in plain fabric strips, any color is fine.  

Here are example photos from the New York Metro Mod Guild, who created their own strip quilt a year or two ago:

Strips that each member brought.  Some were plain, some were pieced.  All were beautiful!

The finished quilt!

Detail of the finished quilt.

Of course, don't forget your standard "Things to Bring" for each meeting (you can see the standards items HERE).  Feel free to email if you have any questions.  See you on Saturday, January 21st at Stitchcraft!