From the Mailbag

Here are a few items we received from this month's email inbox:

1.  How to Label Quilts:  this post has seven great ways to label your beautiful quilts!  Quilt labels are not the most exciting part of a quilt, but they are an important way to keep track of your quilts and preserve their history for years to come!

Sample quilt label (photo linked from the post below).
Check out the post HERE.

2.  Quilting Tutorial Pinterest Board:  Pinterest (a great, free website) has a ton of interesting quilt tutorials!  Charlotte suggested one in particular for some great options that will keep you busy for a long time!

Check out the Pinterest board HERE.

3.  OUR Pinterest Board:  Don't forget, we have our own Pinterest board!  Use it to view our projects and inspirations.  If you want to contribute (feel free to add as many pins as you like!), please start following the board and then EMAIL ME to tell me that you want to contribute.  If you don't email me, I won't necessarily know that you want to contribute to the board! 

You can see our Pinterest board HERE.