Trinidad and England Flag Quilt

Some good friends of mine were getting married, and naturally I wanted to make them a quilt as a wedding present.  Both of these friends were born in other countries, so I decided to make them a flag quilt featuring flags of their home nations.

One side is the flag of the Caribbean nation of Trinidad.

The other side is the flag of England.  

FYI:  The flag of England (St. George's Cross) is different from the flag of the United Kingdom (the Union Jack).

Once all the research was done on the correct proportions, the flags were very easy to piece.  I was going to do straight line quilting, but I couldn't think of a design that would compliment both sides.  So I settled on a meandering stitch/stippling.  I practiced on 3 or 4 quilt sandwiches before tackling the flag quilt.  I think it turned out nicely considering it was my first time free motion quilting.  It is so much faster than straight line quilting!

Here is a close-up shot of the quilting.

Here is a close-up of the quilt label.  To label this quilt, I used a this tutorial, but wrote on the fabric with permanent fabric ink instead of disappearing ink and embroidery.

It was difficult to choose a fabric for the binding what would compliment both sides of the quilt.  Ultimately, I chose a tan color that doesn't stand out from either side of the quilt. I think it's perfect!

It's a small lap size quilt (3' by 5') but they should still be able to get some snuggles underneath it.  It also looks perfect at the foot of a bed or hung up on a wall, and maybe to wrap around a little one at some point in the future!