South Florida Mod - Jupiter Sat, Sept 21, 2013

Four new attendees were welcomed to the group:  Linda M., Kathy J. and sisters Alaine & Claire.

Door Prize winners
Donna, Kathy , Patti, Patty, Marty, Marta, Alaine, Claire and Joan.

Barbara Kahn announced the passing of two beloved well know quilters who helped shape the industry.  Mary Ellen Hopkins had a zany yet relaxed way of creating quilts and was also a fabric designer and shop owner.   Jeffrey Gutcheon, fabric designer and author,  created a wonderful line of quilter’s solids and prints along with writing a column for the Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine.

September Discussion TopicWhat is Modern Fabric?
It’s usually not florals, dots or traditional fabrics.  It’s geometric, simple designs and simple patterns.  It can be clear colors or grey tones in the colors.  Fabric that is or reads as solid, has a crisp look and clean lines.  Most everyone brought great examples.

September Program presented by Marta
What is Flikr and Pinterest?  These are internet sites that allow us to post and copy images of quilts and fabrics and a whole lot more.  Flikr also has “groups” with whom to swap fabric or blocks.  Pinterest has a broader spectrum of boards including recipes, fashion, crafts, illustrations, sports, words, etc.  Both are used for inspiration, education with tutorials and links to YouTube.  Marta showed us how to go to the websites and how to get started with creating our own accounts.

The Circle Block Swap was won by Joann J.  Next month the block swap will be hexagons, cream background and bright colors.  Alaine and Claire will be joining this group.

Patty Rybolt was the recipient of this month’s Block Party blocks focusing on asterisks.  She had given each person fabric to use in the blocks with a size requirement of 16 ½” x 18 ½”.  Patty Rue will get the blocks next month asking for “Wonky Stars” using her background fabric and our own “sherbert” color prints.  Due to one person no longer able to participate, Debbie K. will be added to this group. 

October program will be presented by Alaine & Clare who will talk to us about the “Craftsy” website.
Reminders to bring:  name tags, door prizes, and fabric you may have collected from other parts of the country/world.

November program will be presented by Joan and the topic will be Hexagons.
December will be a sew-in on the 7th,  just working on our own projects and being companionable.  Members should bring a handmade gift to swap and something for all of us to knosh on.  Come for all or part of the day.